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WOOD MU offers a 7-day grace period for all products. If you need to return the product you purchased, please be sure to inform us via email within 7 days of receipt of the product. After contacting us, please send back the product that needs to be returned, together with the uniform invoice and the package (the product needs to be well secured inside the package to ensure that it will not move around during delivery).

  • The products are all made of natural solid wood. As such, they will show wood knots, as well as dark and light natural grains, which are considered normal.
  • There may be a few scratches on the stainless-steel surface of the bird fork, which are a result of the ultrasonic cleaning process. Such scratches are considered normal.
  • The “Taiwan bird fork” pattern is hand-painted; each fork will vary slightly.
  • The coating on the metal parts of bentwood may be slightly scratched or peeled off due to frequent use. Such wear and tear is considered normal.


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  • The grace period is 7 days for Taiwan, and 14 days for Hong Kong and Macau. (Starting from the date of receipt of the shipment or the postmark date).
  • The product has not been unboxed or used.
  • The product must be intact when returned (if damage is caused due to improper packaging, or if the uniform invoice is missing, then the product cannot be returned).
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We handle returns on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate goal of satisfying customers. Please support our products and services, and we hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. Our philosophy is based on fair and reasonable transactions; therefore, we believe that buyers and sellers should be treated fairly.



Can the bentwood and the wooden tray be separated?

The bottom of the bentwood is equipped with a hidden “magnet,” which allows the bentwood to be inserted into the wooden tray through an “intuitive” method, completing the assembly. The bentwood can also be easily detached from the wooden tray at any time, making the assembly/disassembly easy and simple. 


Can I perch more bird forks on the Wooden frame?

We don’t recommend it. Each bird’s fork needs to be perched on the magnet positioning point of the bentwood. The two magnet positioning points on the bentwood are separated at certain intervals so that the bird forks won’t have magnetic interference when swinging, which allows them to stay upright on the bentwood.


Can I purchase just one bird fork instead of a pair?

The bird fork series products are sold in even numbers of the same color, based on our design concept of the birds being in pairs and bringing good fortune




Why can wood bend?

Bentwood is created by laminating multiple layers of solid wood veneers together. It’s then bent and formed through hot pressing. In addition to showing minimalist curves, it can also retain the characteristics of wood.


What is the wooden tray made of?

The wooden tray is made from American White Ash. This wood material is strong and stable, suitable for making Nordic-style and minimalistic wooden furniture.


Can food be served directly on the wooden tray?

The surface of the wooden tray is coated with environmentally friendly, water-based paint designed specifically forwooden materials, which complies with SGS, European Norms (EN) EU, and FDA food utensil inspection standards. It is safe to serve food on the wooden tray.

Why does the bird fork have glossy and matte surfaces?

The blue and green bird forks are treated with a PVD titanium coating which shows a glossy, metallic color.

For gold and black bird forks, in addition to the PVD titanium coating, they are also treated with ceramic abrasiveblasting to give a matte effect, enhancing the texture of the tableware.


Will the bird fork’s metal color fade? Is it safe?

The fork is made of 304 stainless steel, and the surface is treated with “Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)” technology, which coats the stainless steel surface with titanium in a vacuum with a high temperature. The titanium coating has antibacterial, oxidation-resistant, and corrosion-resistant characteristics, while meeting the food grade standards for tableware; therefore, it’s safe to use.

The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and pollution free. It’s recognized as one of the most important green technologies in the 21st century.

Will the coating of the bird fork come off?

The bird fork is painted with cashew nut varnish, which is similar to natural tree varnish in performance. This varnish is abrasion resistant, waterproof, doesn’t easily oxidize, and is commonly used in the coating of food utensils.

The product set only comes in a maximum of 4 bird forks, what if there are more people?

You can select various combinations (4+ 2 + 2…) of our series products. The bentwood for the products is all made of natural solid wood, which can be used interchangeably.

Why are there black spots and dark grains in the wood?

The products are all made of natural solid wood. Therefore, they will show wood knots, as well as dark and light natural wood grains, which are considered normal.

Why is my product different from the photos on the website?

Since the products are all made of 100% natural solid wood, the wood grains and colors of each product are different and unique, giving each piece a different appearance from what’s presented in the photos on our official website.


Cleaning and Maintenance

How do I clean my bird forks?

Please wash with clean water or a small amount of detergent. Do not soak the product. Wash it separately to avoid scratches caused by collision with sharp objects. After washing, dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel. We recommend that you hang the fork directly on the bentwood and place it on the table, serving as a piece of home decor.

How do I clean the wooden parts?

Please use clean water or a small amount of detergent to wash them. Do not soak the item. Wash it separately. After cleaning, dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel and place it in a cool place to dry. Do not scrub wooden surfaces with brushes and scouring pads. Do not put them in dishwashers or dish dryers.